Ground Floor


Jyapu Samaj, Yala is a community based organization established on September 10, 1994 (Bhadra 25, 2051) for collective development of peasant communities in Lalitpur district. The Samaj, a duly registered institution has over 30,000 indigenous peasant farmer members scattered in 40 community areas within Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city.


To meet senior citizens’ needs, the building has been planned for multipurpose activities. The total built-up area of the building is 21,774 sqft. The ground floor occupies approximately 6,175 sqft, while the first floor 6,147 sqft and the cellar occupy 2,228 sqft of the built-up area.

Site Location

Jyapu Samaj Bridhashram Bhavan Obu-Bagdole, ward no. 4 Lalitpur, Nepal