Jyapu Samaj, Yala is a community based organization established on September 10, 1994 (Bhadra 25, 2051) for collective development of peasant communities in Lalitpur district. The Samaj, a duly registered institution has over 30,000 indigenous peasant farmer members scattered in 40 community areas within Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city. With glorious achievements till date, the Samaj aims to preserve and promote the legendary art, culture, traditional way-of-life and heritage of the Newars in the ancient Patan city.

With establishment of its own community building with an ethnic museum and 348-seating capacity auditorium hall recently, the Samaj is now focused on provision of a secured future for the senior citizens set up within a communal lifestyle that reflects the unique identity of Newars. With an objective to respect elderly citizens regardless of their caste, sex and economic status, the construction and operation of this model-home is one of the major tasks at hand for which the Samaj has already received a donation of a plot of land of 1-13-0-0 (9,925 square feet) and NRs. 5 million from Mr. Astaman Maharjan, a local philanthropist of Purnachandi, Patan for construction of this “Bridhashram Bhavan”.

With rapid urbanization and development, life of the senior citizens has been quite difficult and pitiful these days in Nepal.  Due to various socio-economic reasons, number of cases and news about our elderly being abandoned at the age when they need our support the most is increasing.  It is the responsibility of each individual and society as a whole to provide them with secured living.  In an attempt to avoid such situation and to ensure rightful living of senior citizens in Nepal, Jyapu Samaj, Yala has determined to set up a model-home for them.

The proposed earth-quake resistance Bridhashram Bhavan is located at Obu – Bagdole, Ward No. 4 of Lalitpur Sub-Municipality.  The site is conveniently located in a peaceful and pollution-free area with panoramic views of the Himalayas on the North and historically evident Chovar hill and gorge on the South-West.  Considering the religious cultural needs, the site is based within the vicinity of famous Hindu deities – Baishnab Devi and Bramayani Peeth.

The Bridhashram Bhavan is designed to stand out as a “model–home” for senior citizens by considering special needs of old age such as easy access (including wheelchair-users) to benefit from all facilities in the building.  The architectural design will reflect rich heritage of Newars with an outstanding use of traditional carved woodwork for pillars, purlins, beams, handrails, doors and windows (tiki jhyals) and roof tiles (jhingati). The main entrance at the front is designed with carved wooden columns, beams, traditional floor tiles, carved railings and jhingati tiles on slope porch roof giving a magnificent look to the façade.

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