To meet senior citizens’ needs, the building has been planned for multipurpose activities. The total built-up area of the building is 21,774 sqft. The ground floor occupies approximately 6,175 sqft, while the first floor 6,147 sqft and the cellar occupy 2,228 sqft of the built-up area.

  • Reception area with a visitors’ lounge , an administration room and a multi-purpose hall
  • Well equipped medical clinic for elderly healthcare
  • Accessible central courtyard encircled by ramp with traditional resting areas (dabali), chaitya and a peaceful setting including dhungedhara.
  • Rooms of single, double and multiple users with attached toilets accommodating altogether 44 beds
  • A library-cum-newspaper room to keep the residents up-to-date with current news and happenings.
  • A multi-purpose hall (22’3”x26’3”), with a capacity for ninety persons for residents and visitors to participate in various religious as well as entertainment activities with facilities of common accessible toilets.
  •  A large kitchen with a spacious dining hall with additional access to the south side of the building for garbage management and mobility of foods and beverage services.
  • Two separate staircases, a ramp and an elevator lead to the upper floor rooms and other premises.
  • Additional spacious audio-visual room for shared learning on the 1st floor
  • Laundry service operate from 2nd floor laundry room and an open terrace.

Foundation stones of the Bridhashram Bhavan has been laid-down on the auspicious day of Shreepanchami – February 15, 2013 (Phalgun 4, 2069).  And, construction will be completed in two phases.  On completion of the second phase, the Bridhashram will have a total of 110 beds for occupancy

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